Whisky Rebellion

Whisky Rebellion

Whisky Rebellion

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 4.17.03 PMThe Whisky Rebellion are:

“Shaky” Dave. Harmonica-player extraordinaire for M Shanghai String Band and Kelli Rae Powell. Teacher of harmonica at Jalopy Theatre & School of Music.

Charlie Shaw. Old-time guitar and bass player. Drummer for The Whisky Rebellion. Known to David Sedaris fans as Randolph Feathers. Originally from North Carolina, Charlie enjoys college basketball.

SammoFolk punk song writer, performer, and producer. Hair band refugee with a swingin’ haircut. Nicknamed “The Genius”.

The Old Perfesser. Former New York Mets prospect and US Navy carrier pilot. Lead guitar player at the Johnny Cash Birthday Bash since 2007. Drives the Q train.

Fiddler Kari. Classically trained fiddle player from Connecticut. Founding member of the Calamity Janes.

Tina Lama. Jazz goddess extraordinaire. Leader of the Triplets of Belleville.

Danny Mulligan. Guitar player. Song writer. Oklahoman. Member of The Flanks. The Hearthrob of the Prairie.

And Alex Battles. Bandleader, singer, songwriter, pep talk master.

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