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The Nightlife: Episodes 1-5

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The Nightlife is a weekly playlist based on what I think it’d sound like if I had a free-form midnight radio show. I look at this like I’ve rolled into the radio station to have the best time of my life playing great records in sequence and hearing the beautiful stories they tell each other across time. Another way to think of it, is like I just sent you two 90 minute mixtapes in the mail. And of course you don’t have to listen at midnight. You can listen anytime.


As I understand it, Spotify Premium members can listen to these shows complete and in order, whereas Spotify Free users can listen to a shuffled version of each playlist with added commercials and missing the songs only allocated for premium members.

The Nightlife: Episode 1 – 10/5/19

The Nightlife: Episode 2 – 10/12/19

The Nightlife: Episode 3 – 10/19/19

The Nightlife: Episode 4 – 10/26/19

The Nightlife: Episode 5 – 11/4/19

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