Newport, Rhode Island was swell! Now some September shows!

battles, banjo, winnersAlex Battles played a show in Newport last week and that was fantastic. He had the pleasure of running into his friend Milton there. Check out Milton’s music, he’s great: www.miltonmusic.com. Battles sang and sailed and strolled. Visit Newport and so can you.

There are some upcoming shows in New York this September that are going to be supremely enjoyable, and I’m gonna tell you about them.

Monday, September 8th Alex Battles plays Tammany Hall at 9 o’ clock in the East Village.

Saturday, September 13th Battles rocks the socks off Skinny Dennis in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He starts playing at 4pm and goes till 6. There are very few better ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.

If you can make both shows, well then,  you’ve had a good week. And a good week is wonderful thing. Come see Alex Battles — it’s a practically prescription for success! If you measure success in smiles. True, honest, heartfelt smiles.

See you there.

-Battles’ Bad Secretary


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Thanks for the love, Staten Island!

I was pleased as punch today to see myself on the front page of the Staten Island Advance website! A link calling my song a “intimate”, “humorous”, and a “must listen” (!) leads readers to a write-up of “Amboy Road”, my new song about the South Shore of Staten Island. If you haven’t already, go here to read more about the story behind “Amboy Road.” Thanks again, Staten Islanders!

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Alex Battles & The Whisky Rebellion at Rock Shop in Park Slope!


We’re excited to be playing the Rock Shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn on August 16, 2014. Rock ‘n’ Roll fans may recognize that date as the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s passing. As such, we’ll be playing some Elvis songs in addition to our usual round of originals and surprises.

Be sure to get there early for a couple of great bands, Sean Kershaw & The New Jack Ramblers and Tatters & Rags, as well as DJ Chris Matheson. Advance tickets are strongly recommended and are available here.


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So happy to say Alex Battles & The Whisky Rebellion have a great show in store for Friday, August 8th at the Rod and Gun Club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This place is as small and hot as it is genuine and true. For Battles and the band it is always a superb treat to play for a few fantastic music fans all seated at a wooden picnic table on a sultry summer evening. There’s only one long table in the joint and it’s by far one of Battles’ all time favorite tables to play to.  Should the oh-so-fun table be too full, enjoy the show from the couch in the balcony. Alex will look up at you and wink. It’s certain. Become a member of this legendary club for a night, membership includes a free beer and a front row seat to a hell of a swell show. You gotta love a place where all seats are front row seats.

See you there.

-Battles’ Bad Secretary


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Summer so far!


Winter Battles

What has Alex Battles been up to? Well, mostly he’s  been working on a podcast. He’s very excited about it and can’t wait to share it with you, which he will do oh-so-soon! He talks about Elvis, reveals himself as an anglophile, and tells you about the video game drought of ’82. With a goal of ten thousand episodes he’s keeping himself busy. Stay tuned to alexbattles.com for the first (and all subsequent) podcast episodes.

There’s an Alex Battles and the Whisky Rebellion show coming up at the Rock Shop in Brooklyn on August 16th. It’s going to be a wild one. After Battles and the band play their hearts out for you, approach him to discuss when you want to be a featured guest on the podcast. He would really like that. No sarcasm. Seriously, he wants to know what you’re on about.

So long for now!

Battles’ Bad Secretary

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