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News & Rambling

Books I’ve read this year.

I started this list because I have a website and I wanted to put something on it in case anyone bothered to visit it and wondered what I was up to. This list of books idea is really Art Garfunkel’s, he’s basically my hero. He sings, reads, and takes walks. That’s the life.

Sophie Collins – Who Is Mary Sue?

Joan Didion – Run, River

Marisha Pessl – Special Topics In Calamity Physics

Toni Morrison – Tar Baby

Lynda Obst – Hello, He Lied

Lillian Ross – Picture

Maya Angelou – I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

Swami Vishnuvenada – The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga

Milt Josefsberg – The Jack Benny Show

Herman Melville – Moby Dick

Sidney Lumet – Making Movies

S.E. Hinton – Hawke’s Harbor

Herman Melville – Typee

— Updated 12/4/2019 —

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