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The Nightlife – Episodes 1-20


The Nightlife was originally conceived as a template for a midnight, three hour radio show. Over the past few months, I’ve made about 20 episodes. Each episode contains both the theme song Willie Nelson’s “The Night Life” and the closing theme “Doodlin'” by Ray Charles, composed and arranged by Quincy Jones. My own musical past providesĀ the third point in this odd triangle of musical spin art.

The results have been interesting. I particularly enjoyed discovering R.E.M inĀ episodes 15 and 16. From the beginning, I tried not to repeat songs for as long as possible. By episode 20, I realized I’d made myself the same number of decent house-cleaning mix-tapes, which is something I can always use. If you can too, well, just pick an episode and pull out that vacuum!

Episode 20 / Episode 19

Episode 18 / Episode 17

Episode 16 / Episode 15

Episode 14 / Episode 13

Episode 12 / Episode 11

Episode 10 / Episode 9

Episode 8 / Episode 7

Episode 6 / Episode 5

Episode 4 / Episode 3

Episode 2 / Episode 1

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