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Jack In A Box. My favorite show.

Jack In A Box is an original web series written and starring Michael Cyril Creighton. Creighton plays an actor with an MFA working in a box office in New York City. I haven’t seen any series with an arc this well-formed since the original Office. The entire thing could be a feature film. I don’t know why it’s not.

In a time when almost every YouTube video has an ad on it. Jack In A Box has none in its entire series. The irony that a brilliantly made show about struggling artists has far fewer views than any number of cat videos is addressed early on.

The only problem with Jack In A Box is that it’s almost impossible to try to explain it so someone at a bar, get them to remember the name, etc. Where is it? It’s about the fast food place? It’s by the Jurassic Park guy? So I’m linking to it here, in the hopes that I can just say, oh it’s on my website. Whisky, but without the e. Right. Oh sure, that’s gonna help.

Anyway, I don’t know these guys, but after 18 years of living in New York, I feel like I do. ┬áHere’s the link to Episode 1. If you’re not hooked by Episode 6, “Mother”, then probably you oughta go watch the Slingshot Channel instead.

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